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Nava is a girl's name that means "sound of music" or "beautiful sound". She's tall and has dark brown hair. She laughs easily but never cries. She will get hurt pretty often but always be able to keep a smile on her face. She'll never break a promise, but she finds it very difficult to trust others. She hides her emotions and never tells anybody about how she feels. Even when she's sad, she'll still try to make others around her laugh and smile. She does not hold grudges but does not forget. She's strong but doesn't have the heart to hurt anyone. The best friend, but she never seems to fit and is often alone, or just hanging out with different people all the time. She doesn't usually have love feelings or crushes. She takes jokes, makes jokes (bad ones, mind you) and will always try to put some joy in you're day.
"So, who's you're crush, Nava?"

"I don't have one"
by sfjoewif weofjslk March 29, 2013

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