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sif - As If
sifnt - as if not OR as if i didn't
sifsnt - as if it isn't
by sez September 25, 2003
squiggle (verb): between a squirm and a wiggle
Sounds like: accross between a giggle and a squeel

she squiggled
by sez September 25, 2003
complete shithole, defines the worst school eva, but we love it!!!!!
yer sez n spin baby xxx
cum c 4 ya self, northampton!
by sez November 24, 2003
Perfectly regular rectangles (yeah, they are rectangles); the equilateral triangle of the rectangle world.
"Wow, shapes with all four sides and interior angles the same?! They must be squares!"
by Sez January 08, 2004
A lesser-known cousin of the moose family; a person who acted in an inappropriate manner whilst drunk.
"Is is a moose? Is it a plane? No, it's a woose"
"She was such a woose that night"
by Sez January 08, 2004

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