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A large prehistoric bipedal creature characterized by an enormous protruding fupa. It is speculated that many smaller creatures of the time became extinct because they were smothered and ingested by the Fupasaurus' fupa.
The pteradactile was attempting to escape but was smothered by the Fupasaurus's enormous fupa.
by seymour heines February 28, 2008
A female who only wants sex with another female. A lesbian
I think Katie is really a crack gobbler. I only see her hanging around with chicks.
by seymour heines February 28, 2008
An island in the South Pacific where all the male inhabitants are in dire need of female companionship. Any female visiting this island is assured of being laid, no matter how vile or disgusting she may look. The inhabitants don't care about fupas, gunts, excessive body hair, duct cheese or any type of sexually transmitted disease. A paradise for ugly and fugly women.
Cathy couldn't get any guy to lay her, so she traveled to the Isle of Kumoniwannalaya and got more ass than a toilet seat.
by seymour heines February 28, 2008
The act of taking a dump, pinching a loaf or dropping the kids at the pool.
I had to go so bad that I was walking like a duck. I'll feel a lot better after I drop a deuce
by seymour heines February 28, 2008
A female who prefers muffin to schlong.
She doesn't seem to like guys; I think she's a muffin cruncher.
by seymour heines February 26, 2008
A condition of excessive horniness caused by the lack of an available sex partner. This condition can be experienced either males or females. The only known cure for lackashackinup is to make a visit to the Isle of Kumoniwannalaya for some action.
I'm crackin' up from a lackashackinup.
by seymour heines February 28, 2008
A female pilot flying upside down. An FAA rating obtained by female pilots after they have logged a minimum of 15 hours of inverted flight time.
Sally is a crack up. She can fly better upside down than most pilots can fly right-side up.
by seymour heines February 28, 2008

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