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A hot woman who is heard on Playboy Radio, she is a scientist and makes Sex Pills and other vitamins, formualtions, and designs creates pills. Her name is Amy.
She talks about women's opinions of Sex and what Women like/she gives advice to men, is an inventor, scientist.
The Sex Scientist makes all kinds of vitamins and knows science and body chemistry, she invents the best pills. Her name is Amy.

The Sex Scientist knows women and what women like, he should call The Sex Scientist.

Smart sexy woman who is a scientist, and a CEO, creator.
The Sex Scientist is a model who is hot and is a real scientist who makes sex pills, she's a sex scientist.

I heard The Sex Scientist on Sirius and XM today.
The Sex Scientist created this vitamin so I know it is a good sex pill.

The Sex Scientist talked about how the science of your adrenal glands can affect your sexual performance.

This pills works, The Sex Scientist made it.

She is a scientist, but she is sexy as hell, she is a sex scientist!

Ask The Sex Scientist if you want to please your girl.
The Sex Scientist is pretty and smart.
A woman who is involved in science and you wan to do her, she is a sex scientist.
She is working on a science project but all I can think about is having sex with her, she is a sex scientist.
She is a scientist that likes sex, and a model who is smart.
by sexytime1 August 14, 2010
A great Blow Job! Or a guys Penis. A product exists called CandyCaneO or "Candy Cane O" a pill that lends to better hotter sex, and it works. She is going to Candy Cane him and he is going to have a Orgasm or "O". Girls use this product to deep throat a guy. (I think guys can use it on girls too.)
She wanted to suck on his Candy Cane.
You can have my Candy Cane anytime, not just on Christmas. ha!
She used CandyCaneO to deep throat and get him off.
His candy cane is big.

She used CandyCaneO to deep throat his Candy Cane. She wants his Candy Cane.
by SexyTime1 August 14, 2010
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