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Where one man pulls his balls and another man thrusts his penis between them.
I enjoyed ball wanking my boyfriend yesterday, he enjoyed it but boy am i sore.
by sexypoo November 30, 2009
where you put weed in someone's mouth and light it and suck it up from their nose. Good for the synuses.

CAUTION: may cause third degree burns on the roof of their mouth (worth it though)
Cecil "we like a headbong"
by sexypoo January 17, 2010
The sexual acting involving two couples having sex on different floors of the house listening to each other having sex over walkie-talkies.

CAUTION may be extremely sexy.
"grunt" over
"i've came" over

Cecil: "yeh i was round her house the other night and we totally walkie-talkieing with her housemates"
by sexypoo January 17, 2010

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