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2 definitions by sexylittlemissthang

1-adj. awesome, sweet
2-adj. sexy, hot, bangin
3-v. to wear
4-v. to pull off something
1-Dude that party was rockin!!
2-dayuum that boy has a rockin bod!
3-for the party ill b rockin my hott little strapless dress
4-dayuum i thought that dress was ugly as hell, but look @ her rockin that thang!
by sexylittlemissthang June 09, 2005
74 32
adj.-used 2 described happy surprise, usually if someone has a shockingly bangin bod.
"Dayuum boy, your bod is fiiine!"

"Dayuum that girl has a nice ass!"
by sexylittlemissthang June 09, 2005
38 15