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The name defines a stick skinny, fugly girl who is ironically a camera whore. Annoys anyone with her mere existence. An easy slut who uses money to attract men. Can also be called Fugina.
Dude, that girl is so easy. She must be Gina.
by sexykitty May 15, 2009
The name defines a very big and ugly girl who is a black G wannabe. She can also be referred to as chugs or chugly. She thinks shes the hottest shit when really, shes not. Annoying slut that clings onto and sucks the life out of her hot boyfriend who is sick of her. She needs to get a clue, get the eff away, and find herself a G.
Man, that chugly girl wont leave her boyfriend. She must be a Rachel.
by sexykitty May 15, 2009

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