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to do anything and everything possible to save one's school/university semester that one is about to fail big time.
mother: George, you're failing your last year in high-school. Is there anything you can to save your sinking Titanic?

George: Lol. no. I think it's a little late to do anything about it now. I should have listened to you and partied less.
by Sexydimma October 29, 2012
An adjective used to describe a person's handwriting, but a penmanship (handwriting skills) so horrendously bad that it is even worse than that of, hence the name, a chicken or turkey from the local farm.
a boy brings a hand written essay to his father, for his father to look over and help him correct it. The father looks at it and says:

father: son, i am sorry, I can’t read your bloody (used as an expletive here) handwriting. Who in the world taught you to write in turkey-chicken scrawl anyways?. Please go make sense of your own writing, re-type it for me on a computer, print it and bring it back to me, and then I’ll help you.

Son: okie dokey, no problem.
by Sexydimma January 01, 2012
this term can be used, depending on the context, to define either of 2 things

a) a ghetto (socio-economically disadvantaged neighborhood populated, mainly, by ethnic minorities) public school where most, if not all, of the kids have or have had problems with one or more or even all of the following, among other things: being a run-away, truancy, the law, hard core drugs, prostitution, alcohol, teenage pregnancy pacts and curfew violations

b) an offensive term for either the psychiatric ward of a regular hospital, the local half-way house, or for a specialized mental health facility (such as Insitut Pinel in Montreal, Canada).
a mother finds out her eldest daughter is doing marijuana.

mother: Anna, you know, I don't really see the point of paying for your private education anymore, since, in my experience, once you have started on marijuana, the snow-balling effect won't stop until you crash and you will just keep going deeper. What i can do if you want, is send you to continue your education at the local monkey-house; Ecole Secondaire St Luc is right next door to our place.

Anna: roflmao. I started actually, smoking pot, because I broke up with my boyfriend Evan. And because of my breakup, Ill either crash, as you mentioned, or I guess I can check myself into a monkey-house, since I am just so bloody depressed, I feel like removing myself from society.
by Sexydimma January 12, 2012
an offensive term for people with pharanic syndrome (a series of mental disorders caused, most often, by the sufferer's parents being close genetic relatives such as brother and sister or first cousins between themselves).The syndrome is so called because the practice of marrying your brother/sister or your first cousins was common among royalty in Pharaonic (especially Ptolemeic) Egypt.
conversation between two geneticists (both of whom, ironically, have an undergraduate degree in history):

geneticist 1): who do you think, among the world's famous historically notorius characters, is the most known dopple-banger? Is it Hitler, Nero or Cleopatra?

geneticist 2): Even though the Pharaonic Syndrome itself is historically associated with Cleopatra and Ptolemeic Egypt, I would have to say that it is Hitler. According to what I read, both his grandmothers were sisters between themselves, making his parents, guess what? first cousins...
by Sexydimma January 12, 2012
this term can be

a) said to, or of, a person, (whether to insult, demean, or just make simple friendly fun of them will depend on the context, tone of voice, situation, and the like) who is an aboslute zero at something, and not only that, but so bad at whatever it is that possibly a chimp could do better.

b) used to define a a school grade, a grade so bad however, that it actually should be below our current grade of F, i.e.below 35%.

c) used in terms of introspection (as in I am such a a USB-useless son of a bitch) when describing one's own abilities concerning a specific school subject or other ability.
person a): Michael, sorry to tell you this, but you are a USB (you suck balls or useless son of a bitch) if you don't know what that means in chemistry. But you'll probably be more in the the you suck balls in chemistry category.

Michael: lol, please don't tell me more. despite both of my parents and an aunt being chemical engineers, I do suck balls at chemistry as you pointed out, but i dont know why. however, I also got a grade of USB in physics this term; but this one is okay cuz my parents didnt do that well in physics themselves.

person a): roflmao, you should be the one to talk. I am jealous that compared to you I am such a USB, or useless son of a bitch, in math and business; I wish I could so much better in these subjects.
by Sexydimma December 05, 2011
used as a verb, this term is used to define:

the act, for a mature woman (usually 35-10 years old), of deflowering a cub (a young man, usually between the ages of 18 and 25)
two teenage boys in conversation:

boy a) can your mom decougar me?

boy b) nope, sorry, shes not into cubs. ask your girlfriend to help you, shes virgin right, so you can then deflower each other.

boy a) um there's just one problem: my girlfriend is absolutely averse to being deflowered by someone who is themselves a virgin.

boy b) ask her mom then to decougar you first, and then deflower your girlfriend.

boy a) hey! that's an idea with merit.
by Sexydimma January 18, 2012
(as a verb) to do or complete the daily, and often boring, household chores one is responsible for as a child living at his parents house.

This definition stems from the often objective observation that most high school kids today not only hate chemistry, but consider it boring as well as a chore.
a boy comes from school and says to his mother: i want to go and watch and porn video and later go my girlfriends house. his mother responds: before doing whatever it is you have proposed i want you to do your chemistry.

son: which one: physical, organic, inorganic, analytical, or biological?
mother: no you twit. i want you to take out the recycling and the trash, wash the dishes and drive your little sister to ballet classes; otherwise i am cutting off your allowance.
by Sexydimma December 04, 2011

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