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someone who may be normal or boring.

nothing is really going on for them. physically just average features not ugly or pretty.
mentally just not exciting to talk to, dont do much cool stuff.
"that girl is pretty!"guy 1
"nooo! she is sucha plain jane" guy 2
"well what girl is pretty to youu, around here?" guy 1
" that one shes diffrent, see those clothes look vinatge-y. and she has a diffrent interesting nose! pretty!" guy 2
"yeah i guess your right, who wants a plain girl?" guy 1
by sexy_girl92 November 04, 2006
An actually problem people have with not eating enough food because they are skinny.

***Actually used to make fun of girls who are naturally skinny.

Nobody wants to be skinny in the USA anymore they want to be 'normal' which is actually a bit chubby!
Eat somthing girrll! you are anorexic !

haha your so ugly and anorexic !

god! do ever eat?? your fucking anorexic !

ewwww that anorexic girl ?!!
by sexy_girl92 November 04, 2006
A neighborhood in Annapolis Maryland most people dont know its called murray hill and refer to it as downtown annapolis
turning into a very rich neighborhood but part of the city, you pay taxes to annapolis. Has waterfront homes and waterfront parks.
A"Ahhh you know that cool kid, Alex! Shee lives in murray hill !"

B"Awesome! lets visit her and have a bangin' party"

A"Did you know that house next to hers sold for like a million dollars??!!"

B"now wayyy!?!"
by sexy_girl92 November 04, 2006

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