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Bambi and Goose names given to 2 hot chicks that everyone is jealous of and wishes they could be. Side effects of seing these two foxes is boners and shortness of breath.
Most often times, bambi's and gooses are freakishly alike (in ways that they both believe they are genius's but are both in actuality dumber than bricks) and hunt after the same prey (love the same boys sometimes). The goose in the 'bambi-goose' relationship, is more likely to be jealous of the bambi because, after all, everyone loves bambi most. But in the end, the Bambi and Goose are inseparable and will always be friends.
Boy 1: dude, who are those two smokin chicks?
Boy 2: man, those arn't chicks, that's bambi and goose.
Boy 1: what's that supposed to mean.
Boy 2: It means, they give you boners when they look at you
Boy 1: ohhhh so that explains it....
by sexyBambi March 14, 2010

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