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A man's penis
Also reffered to as: dick, rod, orgasm stick, real dildo, fuck buddy, pussy tingler

Usually found in: a girls mouth, a guys mouth, inbetween someones fingers getting rubbed hard, up someones ass, in a pussy
1) I wanna ride his cock all day
2) I've never seen a cock as big as his
3) I sucked his cock until he came in my face
by sexy-emo-doll October 15, 2006
A word invented by me and used by my friends and I. Meaning an emo wannbe, trying to be emo, a fake emo, a wrist slitter who tells everyone about it.
1) He's such an emobe
2) Real emos don't tell people when they slit their wrists - he just wants people to think he's emo (emobe)
by sexy-emo-doll October 15, 2006

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