22 definitions by sexy texan

when you are on the highway and see a dumptruck dripping out liqiud/juice usually of white in color.
i was stuck in traffic behind a dumptruck slingin dumptruck juice all over my car!
by sexy texan January 11, 2012
when a girl is awesome in bed but is annoying otherwise and she pushes your buttons and ya have to put her pussy on the bench for a while and not tap it.
Sucks that she does not have a awesome personality to go with our badass sex life, hate to say it but i'm gonna have to back off for a while and bench that pussy.
by sexy texan January 11, 2012
Ref to the tropical movement of a huge storm about to hit landfall located in the gulf of mexico. But in this case a heads up from a friend that ya have a pissed of wife or girlfriend (calm before the storm).
Man u better watch out that storm brewing in the Gulf is about to hit landfall soon, she's pissed!
by sexy texan January 10, 2012
When you have a really close friend and you have to share a bed with him and ya tell him and there is NO chance of sex occurring!
So me and my manpanion went out and got so trashed he could not drive so we had to share a bed together! Had to put the clit on lockdown !
by sexy texan January 10, 2012
banging distance is when you enjoy having sex with someone and they are a bit far to date but great for the occasional hook up and that is perfect.
30 miles is the appropriate banging distance for this guy, i don't wanna give him the wrong idea and date him exclusively.
by sexy texan February 08, 2012
a black chicks asshole
Man i was banging this black girl and she had a hot ass oreo, i could not wait to show her my definition of double stuff!
by sexy texan January 11, 2012
Just like a police gang unit but mmm not really the same goal in mind they patrol the streets in a pack looking to get laid.
Man me and my bang unit went out saturday nite and really cleaned up the streets and put the girls in the sheets.
by sexy texan January 10, 2012

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