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penis, dick, cock, etc.
that wang was damn skippy!
by sexy mama May 17, 2004
love and like combined
i loike you!
by sexy mama May 21, 2004
A wicked cool word used in Napoleon Dynamite cuz Napoleon is the hottest dork i've ever seen!!
Napoleon- "Gosh!! Idiot!"
by sexy mama March 04, 2005
slutty skanky caked on make up, fake bitches that will do NETHING to get with NE bastard.
is that powder coming off that girls face?? ooh must be a skanky frosh.
by sexy mama September 28, 2003
pet name (pardon the pun) for either a male or females genitals.
Woa! Watch it..you almost hit me in the bird.
by sexy mama January 13, 2003

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