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Emo chicks are mint. Instead of following the crowd they have their own style and are proud of it. Uusally with darak hair either long or cheek length. They either wear tight black trouser or very baggy ones. Often wear studded belts and cotton polo shitrs with a color and stripes. Tight band t-shirts are popualr with emo chicks as well as plugs in their ear. The best thing about being emo is the lush emo boys!!!!! They are soo sexy its unbeliveable! The stereoypival image of emos cutting themselves and crying constently are not relevant to all. A lot of them actually live very happy lives :) Listen to emo music such as TBS, Death cab for cutie, Hawthorne Height, At the drive in and many many more.
'jus coz im an emo chick dusnt mean i hav a depressing life ok! jus coz i wear black and listen to a certain type of music dusnt mean i hav problems!'
by sexy emo chick March 17, 2006

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