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(n) any person who is mentally derranged, has no friends and desperatley tries to aquire them through means of acting like them, aka a wannabe, a suicide in the making or a freakazoid
Val is one crazy hexler, she wants to be cool so bad she went to the christian club in tears asking how to be sexy and seductive.
by sexy and seductive January 18, 2007
(n) An individual lacking in color or pigment, a.k.a a white muthafucka
Ay yo Jermoe, I straight up robbed this pasty pilgrim for his benz and he cried like a bitch! Dumb crackah!
by sexy and seductive January 18, 2007
A bird you take home and wear out.
Yo I took that chickenhead brittney home last not and plucked all her feathers.
by sexy and seductive January 18, 2007

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