22 definitions by sexy

sexy. sexy. sexy. sexy. sexy... scare is just reallllllly sexy
you are looking very scareafobia tonight
by sexy September 21, 2004
One of the sexiest styles in the world consisting of mixing up the style of skater,prep,and urban.
did you see that kid Jayr man that is the orginal J. StyleZ
by SexY April 21, 2005
A south african disease which causes your balls to fall off
omg i got shaylin on my balls!
by sexy September 13, 2004
When a girls having her period and the guy eats her out and gets blood in his mouth and then the girl gives the guy a blowjob and he cums in her mouth then they spit the blood and the cum together making the color of a candycane.
I couldn't wait till that time of the month so we could have a russian candycane.
by sexy April 10, 2004
Who are you people? First of all, techno sucks it like the worst music ever made. Its all computer and looses the human carisma Second, it's an abrieviation of technosexual or a person who prefirs to mack an electronic device rather than a girl.
techno: my computer vibrates just right for me.
person listening: dude your a fucking fagget
by sexy August 09, 2004
a girl who flirts and even tugs at his belt and turns him on sooo much then just kisses him..they hate that
by sexy July 27, 2003
the sexiest bitch alive
jennifer lopez and vida guerra have dae qualities
by sexy May 24, 2004
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