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back in the day when you had nice perfect pink perky nipples
man she may be 40 but she definitely has 1987 spring break nipples going on!
by sexy texan January 11, 2012
When your outside and its so hot u have sweat running down the crack of your ass SBC aka sweaty butt crack.
I was on a date the other afternoon at the park and had some serious SBC aka sweaty butt crack going on and was freaked out she would notice!
by sexy texan January 10, 2012
the annoying "hang nail" that pisses you off and will not heal on the side your finger nail/cuticle.
OMG 2 days and this mother in law is driving me nuts!
by sexy texan January 05, 2012
The lines deodorant makes on usually a girl when she applies it heavily then goes out gets sweaty dancing and lifts her arms and you see lines of deodorant in the creases of her armpit!
Damn my night was going good until i looked down and saw coke lines all up in my girls pits!
by sexy texan January 05, 2012
the overhanging fat on a woman's belly usually after she has kids
i don't see your cesarean scar? lift up my flapjack and you will see it.
by sexy texan January 11, 2012
when you get over the age of 30 and have had kids and you are Caucasian and you still have perfect pink areola/nipples
man what a surprise when this 38 year old i was about to bang took off her shirt and had perfect 18yr old nipples!
by sexy texan January 11, 2012
Puente - slang

Literal Meaning: bridge

Slang Meaning: long weekend

When all the mexican nationals invade your city cause their town is closed for a long weekend.
What the heck is with all the traffic downtown? Oh crap! its a puente weekend!
by sexy texan January 05, 2012

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