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1. A good friend
2. Your favourite person/role model
"It's your boy!"
an upcoming act of retribution
Guy1: "No way, son, you gonna let that sucka get away wid that wedgie he just gave you?"
Guy2: "Don't worry about it, the little bastards got one in the post."
a terrible period of time in which any single guy goes without it. It can stretch from as little as a week to the longest i know of which is 6 years.(Current Barren Run Record Holder is our Rabid Dog Faced Landlord Rob)
Guy 1: "You get anything this weekend?"

Guy 2: "Nah, man. I'm still on my barren run, nearly 20 months now!"

Guy 1: "Loser!"
To have a stinker.
You can Hit A House in any situation it can be running out of things to say when you're trying to chat up a girl, not being able to roll outta bed when you're meant to and making yourself late for work in the process or absolutely anything else you should, could or planned to do but didn't.
Pat Healy(after a particularily bad golf tee shot): "Oh dammit, hit a house."
a pro evolution soccer player who always pops up and gets the winner against you.
"That fooking Gardner scored an injury time header against me again. That lanky bean pole's such a nemesis."
a term to describe a drunken feeling after only your first or second drink.
i.e. a drink that goes straight to your head.
"Fuck me, the munters could be in luck tonight i could be getting my beer goggles on early. This beers feels like an arrow to the eye!"
a not at all gay punishment for any wrong doing or paddle rule breaking offences where the victim/paddlee gets their bare ass slapped with a shoe or trainer of the paddlers choice.
Air Force Ones particularly hurt.
Guy 1:"Ha, thats 10 - 0. Thats means i owe you a paddle, bro!"

Guy 2:"Ha, you just said "Bro" again so i owe you a paddle aswell."

Guy 1: "Shit."
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