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A bowel movement that causes a stinging sensation in the anus after a spicy meal at a Mexican restaurant
For every chile relleno I eat at that Tex-Mex restaurant, I'm going to get a chile reanal a few hours later.
by sexpissdull December 14, 2010
A cold sore on the nostril flange associated with the Kelvinator brand of refrigerators
I had a sore shiny red lump on my nostril flange that my dermatologist diagnosed as a smellvinator.
by sexpissdull December 02, 2010
Yirga: urination that is so slow that the urine evaporates before reaching the toilet. Similar to the meteorological term, virga, meaning precipitation that evaporates before reaching the ground.
My father's enlarged prostate has attenuated his urine stream to the point where his urine has become yirga and so he never has to flush.
by sexpissdull November 28, 2010
state of exhaustion caused by excessive schlepping or carrying, moving, dragging
After helping my friends move across town, I came down with an acute case of schlepatitis
by sexpissdull January 05, 2011
A proctologist's finger just after it's been inserted and withdrawn from a patient's rectum
That proctsicle was finger-licking good.
by sexpissdull December 02, 2010
The space between the bedsheets where farts ripen and mature
After a dinner of white navy beans and turkey, my wife and I went to bed and created a memorable stinkubator under the covers with several hours of flatulence.
by sexpissdull May 16, 2011
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