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REALLLLLLLLLLLYYYY HOT AND SEXY is all i have to say and anyone who thinks shes ugly can come talk to me you faggggs shes fucking MAD hottt and i wanna get w. her so bad

shes gotten with a lotta guys but then again what medford girl hasn't besides becka the prudest boguski ... and kim the sagggggggy boobed girl besides that they are hot but lindsay buckler is flatter then christine why dont we just call her a pancake..??? thats the real question becuz christine, maura barry, & kimORsilk would win the battle or the hottest... hellllllllll yeaaaaaa
christine is so hott just look at her face i mean its like so smooth lol haha and shes perfect

dont call her pancakes if ur a girl thats just jelously and a guy must be smokin some weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed if he thinks she UGLY .. FUCK NO FUCKING HOTTEST BITCH IVE EVER SEEN shes not a bitch though sorry
by sexiscoo March 23, 2005

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