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a label.
a sterotype.

a person that is rich and over uses the word oh my god and like. they are mainly white but there are some of other nacionalities. a lot of them think they are not prep and claim they hate preps. they normaly shop at abercrombie and fitch and hollister co.
lisa- like oh my god look at that prep. i hate preps!

becky- like oh my god i totally know what you mean!
by sexii love October 03, 2006
spanish music.

u either like it or you dont. if you do great if u dont oh well.

alot of people think its spanish rap but its not. spanish rap is waaaay diferent. reggaeton has a more caribbean feel to it than spanish rap. thats why its called REGGAEton
what do u listen to?

reggaeton all the way
by sexii love October 03, 2006
super short shit its wat u call a short person

hahahahhahaha your a sss
by sexii love October 03, 2006
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