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An Australian term, similar to hater, used to describe someone of bad character who is pathologically inclined to spread false rumors and lies about other people with great success and conviction. A cunning game player who derives pleasure from this behaviour which is intrinsic to their personality. Also see bullshit artist, weasel.
Example 1 : Watch out for that dude, he gets off on pissing on you to all of your acquaintances and they will want to kill you after - hes a Maida.

Example 2 : I woke up one day and everyone i ever knew thinks i have been insulting them when i havent - i think ive been Maida'd.

Example 3 : After all of the west side figured out hes a Maida, nobody goes anywhere near him, his momma was right.
by sexi boi February 07, 2006
The capital city of South Australia, Australia. Although it is quite a beautiful, clean and well laid out city, it also has its share of problems. It is sometimes criticised by people in other Australian capital cities for being conservative, narrow minded and racist. Indeed recent analysis via the electoral roll (2005) has proven that the ethnic population (asians, europeans etc) is declining and the anglo saxon population is increasing. Also the place where the derogatory term wogans originated, doing nothing to help its racist reputation. People who live in Adelaide tend to like it because it is a city, but at the same time quiet and small and it is not difficult to know what is going on eveywhere. Most people tend to fit into a certain mould and it is more anglo-saxon orientated than Australias largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. But it is for these same reasons that there is a youth population drain to the other cities of Australia, and in a study completed in 2006 it was found that South Australia's population had the highest average age of any Australian state or territory. Adelaide is also well known Australia wide for its large marijuana and methylamphetamine speed production, and both marijuana and methamphetamine use per capita is very high. Independant reports have even suggested that Adelaides closet marijuana industry generates more revenue for the state than its famous wine industry. In late 2005/2006, investigations by the Northern Territiry government and police into drug abuse in remote northern indigenous communities found that the majority of drugs were smuggled across the border from Adelaide some 3000 kilometers away, backing up similar drug intelligence findings from other Australian states.
eg 1; Im moving to Melbourne.

eg 2; There are too many bogans, rednecks, stoners and meth freaks in Adelaide.
by sexi boi February 07, 2006

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