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You are just too lucky by finding a girl with this very rare name, she is just not overrated in any type of way. It is impossible even dislike this type of girl, & if so, is just haters, nothing new. Smart, Honest, trustworthy, and loving person. Usually has captivating eyes, basically can be the most wonderful girlfriend. Cool as hell! She ain't coming off of her last name which is having fun, til the one with enough balls is capable to change that. Her body tastes like honey, her vagina is such a source of sticky sweet & good as a tight virgin. Sort of freaky, so she must be pleasure. Once you meet Geisi is impossible to forget, you will not find drug around compare to what you'll find in her. All you gotta do is get to know her, this definition is not quite of how amazing a Geisi is.
-You know Geisi?
-Geisi who?
-Yes, Geisi!
-What's up with her?
-man that, uhmm uhmm she's just addictive.
by sex-ybeauty August 07, 2012

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