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when a guy or girl is grrrreat in bed.
used as a sexual pet name.
When turned on, a guy or girl can say to the other...."Heeey tiger"

"You were a tiger in bed last night"
by sex kitten April 29, 2005
A singa that can't sing worth a damn, but is actually pretty after she has her 2 cans of paint on her face. DAMN I'M TIRED OF UNDESERVED FAME!!!
You mite wanna cover your ears, cuz the next performance on our show will be from ASHANTI!!!
by Sex Kitten September 05, 2003
A sexy member of B2K that females CLAIM they have but will never have...so let's be real ladies.
Raz B is mine so leave him alone. His lips are mine!
by Sex Kitten September 05, 2003
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