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Female who can't get enough sex even though her sexual resume is well above average and is continuously obsessed with sex; strangers in the street/on TV/ other inspire desire as well as fantasies as she usually imagines them naked and taking advantage of them sexually.
Conversations with them usually take on an influx of sexual innuendo as they’ve a very graphic/ explicit sense of imagination that can hinder/ aid them in their daily lives.
May have a number of partners (fuck buddies) kept solely for sexual reasons (no emotional attachment) on speed dial.
Relationship-wise she won’t wait long before engaging in sexual acts with strangers since she can't be satisfied in a relationship unless her partner is a good fuck/ has an equal sexual appetite; as sex is usually her deal breaker in choice of partner. No slut; she selects her conquests (not one to waste precious arousal time on an unsuitable minion!).
Adventurous in bed due to her continuos private sexual musings; she’s likely to treat the karma sutra as her personal bible. Up for it at any time, anywhere; the more random/ risky the better she’s not one to withhold to sexual taboos; most are the epitome of sexual deviancy.
A giver rather than a taker she doesn't need to orgasm to be satisfied; even the mere touch of skin against skin makes her v. v. horny. She enjoys seeing her partner receiving pleasure from her. She can have continuous sex/ multiple orgasms/ masturbate long after she’s exhausted the life out of them.
"I couldn't keep up with her man; she's such a nympho!"
by seven91 November 29, 2009

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