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Named after the play in basketball, it means to agressively put the moves on, or to hit on someone. To not give up on trying to get someone until you actually get them.
Could you see if Mike likes me? I don't want to put the full court press on him if he doesn't, because then I'll look like an idiot.
by Serra November 10, 2003
The state of being really drunk, but not quite yet fubar
I can't believe how slizzered I got last night, you should have seen it!
by Serra November 10, 2003
Similar to OMG (Oh my god!), but ending with a fashionable "osh" to imply "Oh my gosh!", which isn't "Oh my god!", which is important, if importance was the issue. Which it's not.

It's just short for "Oh my gosh!".
Omgosh that beast is hawt.
by Serra September 17, 2004
describes the most sexiest man alive
Holy Shit, that's an authentic Norrec!
by Serra November 10, 2004
badness to the max.
the highest order of wrath.
michelle and sarah are part of the sabotage-massive, everyone better watch their backs!
by serra March 11, 2004
1. the absolute coolest girl in the world.
woah! there she goes! serra jaye.... the coolest girl in the world!!
by serra February 25, 2004
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