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A prescribed medication for people with sleeping disorders.

If one is used, it may give you only a slight dilluted feeling. However, the more you use, the more dememnted you feel. It doesn't make you feel high, but it makes you feel sedated like it should. It also kills off your concience and whatever is fun has no consequence; IE throwing fircrackers at people, setting things in your own room on fire, tackling hard furniture, putting shit over your head and charging around your house, etc. Afterwards it is rather hard to remember what you had done. In fact you may have to just see the damage you did to even vaguely remember anything.

If more than 4 are taken, it virtually erases your memory of what you had done the day/night before. Even seeing what you had done wouldn't bring up the inexisting memories.

There are no real signs of a person being on Ambien, except that the person looks kind of sleepy. Which you will be, slightly.
I want to go see what I can fuck up now; where be the Ambien, brotha?
by Serial Killer October 19, 2004
Used in place of afsos .
Started by an asshole Bond ,wanted to make it big but afsos only.
Man...kaho na
WTF kaho na only
by Serial killer April 01, 2005
: when u get butt fucked in Counter strike

Background: Derived from hindi ,Satrted in ganga hostel ,IITM
oh.. man Afsos only .
Well tried but afsos only
by Serial killer March 31, 2005
When feel pity on someone.
Mostly used in Counter strike
Started in IITM
afsos only man
Cant help it afsos only
by Serial killer March 31, 2005
short for give up only.
Used in Quake and Counter Strike
Means cant help it
When u play really bad.
Came into existance due to some godav typo chooths who cant even type giv(how lame!!!)
gib only
what the hell man ,gib only
by Serial killer March 31, 2005
The ATM nxt Door.
Compressor at work.
Man to call when locked up in jail
Safa chill avvu.
annaana safa
by Serial killer April 01, 2005
"hey wanna go play some pump it up at the arcade?"

"hell no pump it up f**ckin sucks"
by serial killer July 27, 2004

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