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An offensive nickname for women who haunt ice rinks in order to meet hockey players. Most rink pigs are adolescent girls but sightings of cougars in the stands for the same purpose have been well confirmed.
After she pulled a train with all of the players on her son's team, Sandy was known as the queen of rink pigs.
by sergio van teufel April 11, 2006
Nickname of a much sought after groupie who devoted her life to relieving the loneliness of country and western singers as they travelled on tour across the country. Used, by extension, as a slang term for C & W groupies in general. The eponymous "Butter Queen" was said to use premium non-salted in order to maintain her lubricity. The Rolling Stones sing of being "Down in Texas with the Butter Queen" in "Rip This Joint".
"Man, until we met those Butter Queens in Laramie, I thought that everyone on this tour going to go "brokeback".
by sergio van teufel April 11, 2006
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