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Someone that you meet you feel an imediate connection to. Someone that makes you beleive in god due to the feelings that spring out of your heart and soul willing or unwilling you feel as though you need that person! I do not beleive that this person has to be your one and only, the one you marry but you always feel this person with you no matter where you are! It is greater than an earthly love! It is one soul two bodies! Treasure if you are even lucky enough to meet this person, your other half! Enjoy the things shared do not get stuck on trying to define what you are just except that there are greater things that we have no words to explain they are just Godsent!
Jeremy and Nicole are soulmates, though they have never had or may never have a true chance of being in a long lasting commited relationship! They will always love, admire,& carry eachother in there souls!
by serendipity980005 October 10, 2005
When you stumble across Something so unexplainable and wonderfull that it has to be a gift from god!
I found a winning lottery ticket in my backyard, The only way I can explain it is Godsent!
by serendipity980005 October 10, 2005

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