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One who believes that the light of the world is in their ass.
DDR has gone to Casey's head. He's such an asslantern!
by Sephiroth April 09, 2003
The evil power that babdi used to posess people in dragonball z e.g Vegeta, yamu, spopvich, dabura, yakon, pui pui
Majin Vegeta
by Sephiroth March 03, 2004
1. A rare celestial phenomenon involving the explosion of a star, resulting in an extremely bright, that emits vast amounts of energy.

2.A summon that is found in the world of Final Fantasy VII and is only used by Safer Sephiroth, the final form of Sephiroth. The attack consists of a large blast in space destroying our nine Planets of our Solar Systeme, the Milky Way. The blast reaches the Sun and collides into it creating a large explosion that reaches Earth engulfing all your FFVII characters dealing a decent amout of damage and causing multiple amount of status abnormalities.
The five minute long attack, Super Nova.
by Sephiroth December 19, 2004
HIM is my favorite band. Ville Valo is quite talented, and Gas, Linde, Mige, and Burton are all respectable as well. Their songs, as repetitive or bad as many of you would say, are meaningful and good. And on the acronym thing; VALO SAID HIM DOES NOT STAND FOR ANYTHING. IT IS NOT HIS INFERNAL MAJESTY OR ANYTHING ELSE!!
Your Sweet Six Six Six
Beyond Redemption
Sigillum Diaboli
The Sacrament

Some of my favorite HIM songs.
by Sephiroth March 03, 2005
A sudden random outburst that is suitable for all occasions.
A word that can be switched out for any other word, much like smurf
Used in context: MONKEYCAT!
I can't believe you did that. You're such a monkeycat.
by Sephiroth March 28, 2004
Final fantasy 10 is a total buds game. Takes like 200 hours to fully compleate and anyone who says the storyline is crap must just be too stupid to understand whats happening. K the end boss is a little ahole but Nemisis is by far the hardest boss in ANY final fantasy game.
Some dumb guy: Final fantasy sucks balls the story line is all fucked up...

Me: Your just some dumb nerd sitting behind you computer, say that to my face. I'll cut your lips up so you never say anything like that again.

Some dumb guy: Your totally right, now im gonna blow my brains out cause im such a stupid moron.
by Sephiroth April 18, 2004
An attack that Sephiroth does that takes five minutes long. During the process of the cut-scene, it shows all the planets being destroyed by a blast until it hits the sun creating causing it to explode dealing a lot of damage to your party of characters.
"All the planets are destroyed over and over a again by the Super Nova.
by Sephiroth December 18, 2004

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