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19 definitions by sephbill

The newest Pokemon game (as of 2010) set in the Isshu region. Released in Japan in September 18th, 2010, it features even more fucking pokemon (150+) bringing the total amount to 649 or so. The game has a lot of more mechanics. True, 3D graphics, changing seasons, and more. It will/was released in America and Europe in the Spring of 2011.
Mom: Okay, sugar!
Kid: *Eric Cartman voice* Shweeet
by Sephbill September 26, 2010
81 15
A 14 year old boy is an upgraded form of a 13 year old boy. There are many types of 14 year old boys. One example is the "computer" version. This version will usually try to act highly intelligent and usually ends up failing horribly at it. It will act like a complete retard, trying to troll while looking mature at the same time. Another form is the "Gangsta" version. 'Nuff said.

Many of the users on popular sites like "Encyclopedia Dramatica" are of this age. And 15% of the viewers of pornhub are 14 year old boys.

They will also use forced memes at least 100 times a day, and usually use profane vocabulary.
*Adults are talking and make a joke*
14 Year Old Boy: Hahahah! That's classic. *Tries to act like he gets it*
*Adults laugh at him, and he thinks that they aren't*
by Sephbill June 20, 2010
97 48
A 13 year old boy is well.. A male which has turned 13. A boy of this age usually thinks he is bad ass, just because he has finally become a teenager. Usually, 13 year old males do not have any pubic hair, and have a brain mass that is equivalent to that of a mouse. They are very easy to troll online, and make a very excellent target to any beginning trolls. Encyclopedia Dramatica created a page about children of this age.

A 13 year old will usually try to act "Gangster", and will fail horribly at it. They will jack off to Pornhub about 3 times a day, and have little knowledge about female anatomy. Sad, isn't it?
*Adults are making a mature, humorous joke*
13 year old boy: Hahahah! That's classic! *Tries to act like he understands the joke*
*Adults facepalm*
by Sephbill June 26, 2010
83 56
The new mario game (as of may 2010) which is a sequel to the original Super Mario Galaxy. It adds a LOT of new content, and old content returns. For more information, why don't you go on a mario fanboy's site and read a wiki on it yourself.
Normal Person: Isn't that like the 1000th mario game?

Mario Fanboy: Fyi there were less than 200 mario games.
Normal Person: Well what is the name of the new mario game?
Mario Fanboy: Super Mario Galaxy 2 -
Normal Person: OMG OMG OMG I WANTS
by Sephbill May 26, 2010
34 7
The government of the United States of America. The government is made up of incompetent childish apeshit idiots. It is quite uncommon to find a person in the government who isn't a fucking monkey. The american government fails horribly at running america, because a lot of the people in the government are retarded republicans. Wait, isn't that the same thing? But they aren't entirely bad. They can be intelligible and occasionally are. But it's complicated..
American Government Examples

1. Professional, corrupt, powerhungry fucks.
2. Monkeys.
3. A good example of the word "Idiot"
by Sephbill June 04, 2010
38 13
A mario game made for the nintendo Gamecube in the year 2002. It faced criticism, mainly for the fact that the voice acting failed horribly, and the water-jet pack. But the "Fludd" device was a very good feature to the game, and added more gameplay possibilities, the critics are just retarded, but what they are right about is the voice acting. It sucked. Horribly. The game starts with mario, peach, and toads on an airplane traveling to Isle Delfino, a tropical resort. But a shadowy mario has been fucking with the island, covering it in a gooey mess, and for some reason, the citizens think that mario did it, just because a FUCKING SEE-THROUGH BLACK VERSION OF HIM did it. So he has to clean up the mess with a water-jet pack. Want more story? Too bad.

The game is good, but is not as good as it could have been.

Normal Person: It had some bad elements and some good elements. For example, the graphics are beautiful, even compared to modern standards. The dialogue sucks, and the plot does too.
*Normal Person pulls out the ban hammer*
by Sephbill June 04, 2010
38 15
Hah, most of you reading this will probably not know what I'm talking about, but to make it simple, Return to Blockland, or "RTB" was originally a mod created for the alpha version of Blockland, most commonly known as "Vanilla Blockland". The actual game it's self is called "Blockland" by most players, which are newer players who weren't around in the older times. Anyways, there are two versions of RTB. RTB 1.045 (The older RTB which is a mod of Vanilla, which features a lot of content compared to the old blockland, which contained little content. The other RTB ( 2.0-3.x) Features a lot of shit. It allows you to download mods on blockland without closing out and having to extract and set up everything manually. It also adds an IRC, and adds plenty of other features. And if you don't know what the hell Blockland is.. A lego simulation game online that is "Open Source". Return to Blockland started out in early 2005, and the Retail Edition started in about 2008. The community is horrible. It used to thrive with a lot of mod makers. The community was large, and the game was really popular.. Now, it's dried up with less than 100 people left. Consisting of Oldfags who think they're pro, while they can only build at an exceptional level. And nooby children who are annoying cunts. Anyways, for more info, just google it.
return to blockland is old, and the newer version for retail is popular and new.
by Sephbill May 29, 2010
14 4