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CT, short for Counter-Terrorist, are the pussies in counterstrike who never come and disarm the fucking bomb when you storm past them and plant it.
"These CT's are pussies, they camp at the spawn and expect us to come to them when we could just plant the bomb!"
by Seph May 12, 2004
Present Tense verb. Using lying cover up something that you have done or will do. Similar to OJing.
Hey man quit clintoning. I know u slept with Moniqa Louwinsky.
by Seph December 06, 2003
Something that is extremely boring or bad; something that appears to be the source of all lameness. See the suck.
"These graphics suck, this game is totally the lame."
by Seph November 04, 2002
Extremely, very; a lot.
"Dude, he is stoopid fly!" "Damn, you bought stoopid chips for this party! We'll never be able to eat all these!"
by Seph November 04, 2002
Alex Taylor, Ethan's twin penguin brother.
Are Alex and Ethan...well...you know...oh nevermind
by Seph April 14, 2005
The place where the pussy counter-terrorists (CT's) camp instead of coming to get the terrorists.
"Those bastard CT's are camping the spawn again!"
by Seph May 12, 2004
Ethan Weston, the Homosexual gay penguin.
Ethan, you like guys, you are a guy, and you're a fucking penguin!
by Seph May 29, 2004
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