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2 definitions by seny

Muie is the gypsy word for mouth\face. Then it transformed as one of the most used words in romanian language for the english equivalent "blowjob"
First translated in romanian as "I-am dat una in muie lu fraieru ala!\I punched so hard that sucker in the mouth(muie)".

I-am dat la tarfa aia o muie = I gave that bitch a muie = I gave that bitch to the mouth = the equivalent for blowjob in english
by Seny May 25, 2008
1. a knife..usually a flick knife

2. to steal something

3. to stab someone
1. ill draw for the shanks if you don't watch your mouth

2. did you see me shanks his fone??
by seny April 07, 2005