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A black '67 Chevy Impala driven by Dean Winchester, passed down to him by his father, in the show Supernatural. It is called the 'Metallicar' due to Dean's love for rock music and Metallica particularly. The Metallicar was heavily damaged in the final episode of season 1. It was hit and basicly destroyed by a 18 wheeler driven by a demon possesed driver. Early in season 2 it was totally repaired by Dean, with some help from his brother. The car has been prominently featured on the series otherwise, beginning with the teaser of the pilot. The trunk holds various weaponry to fight the supernatural as well.

The main Impala used has a 427 and skid plates. The car was bought new in 1967 at Mathews Chevrolet in Farmingdale, NJ.
Fan1: "Hey, you got nothing but Motorhead, and '80's rock in your dash-CD player. You got yourself a Metallicar here."

Fan2: "You bet I do, now shutup Sam."
by sentinel6 May 25, 2008

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