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From Chapelle Show:
To masturbate while you hands are numb, to give the sensation that someone else is pleasuring you.
Dave Chapelle as Lil' John: Sometimes i like to sit on my hand until it gets numb and then masturbate. I call it the stranger.
by sensei May 04, 2004
baka ka is the japanese word for 'asshole' (not the part, the insult)
when baka is used by itself, it becomes 'idiot'.
someone is being a jerk, call him an asshole. say "baka ka!"
by sensei April 19, 2004
the pubic hair on a woman's cooch or man's nuts which make it look like a patch of grass
that woman has too much grass on the field and needs to shave it
by sensei September 09, 2003
a big, fat HOMO
After Mike hit that last night, he's switched sides and is playing for the other team now.
by sensei October 12, 2003
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