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Variation of the "dirty sanchez;" immediately after fisting one's partner, the fister takes his or her hand and wipes in across the lower half of the fistee's face, resulting in a thin shit-based beard that causes the the recipient's face to resemble that of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Note: More fecal matter is required for this particular act than for the closely related "dirty sanchez;" it is thusly recommended that the recipient preferably have a sizable crap on deck; or more conveniently, perform this act immediately following a cleveland steamer, or any other act that requires excrement to be evacuated from the body.
One time I gave this slut a dirty fidel . . . it made me want a cigar and a plane ticket to Havana.
#dirty fedel #filthy fuhrer #dirty dictator #dirty sanchez #cleveland steamer
by senorguitarra July 04, 2006
The not-so-freshmaker.
I tried mixing Excrementos and Diet Coke. It didn't go well.
#mentos #coca-cola #poop #scat #fudge dragon
by senorguitarra February 26, 2012
The act of sneaking behind a corner and lying in wait for one's wife or girlfriend to turn her back and let her guard down, whereupon the subject springs out from behind cover, immediately places himself behind the female, and pounds her ass viciously.

This is best executed while both parties are fully clothed, so as to illustrate that the erstwhile-performed stealth hump is not a attempt at sexual gratification, but rather an act of degradation, humiliation, and objectification.
Paula had her back turned while brushing her teeth, so I jumped out from behind the shower curtain and stealth humped her until she choked on a mouthful of toothpaste.
#hump #stealth #pwnage #grind #female empowerment #women's lib
by senorguitarra May 25, 2011
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