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the dopest place to eat if your in detroit. you can eat a whole shit-ton of food and only pay like $2.50. charecterized by the famous coney dog which consists of a hot dog with chili, onions and mustard dumped on top.there are coney islands everywhere in detroit they all sell pretty much the same food but they are all independently owned and complety unrelated to each other. for detroiters they are a staple of life, they are half way between fast food and sitting down to eat, the most famous coney island is lafayette in downtown detroit, its where the coney dog was invented. but by far the dopest one is sherwood forest coney island, better known as sherwood, their steak and cheese pita is off the chain.
detroiter 1: man i'm super hungry but dont feel sitting down in a resturant

detroiter 2: aight well lets go get some fast food

detroiter 1: no that shit will kill you

detroiter 2: aight lets hit up a coney island

detroiter 1: oh fo sho
by seniõr snack attack April 05, 2009

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