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a thug who reguarly goes to football matches and starts fights with opposing supporters and is symbolised usually by: Burberry Hat, Stone Island Jacket,Lacoste Trainers,Tight Fitted Adidas/Nike Trousers And Usually Has a can of Stella or brick in hand.Also, They reguarly make up abusive chants on the terraces to threaten and strike fear into the other team and their travveling supporters.
Marcus Gayle Of Section 5
by Semen August 17, 2004
The Los Angeles Area
Fuck, I can't believe Johnny moved to La La Land!
by semen February 10, 2005
Freedom for technology and such other derivatives including but not inclusvie to computers, phones, radio, etc. Freedom on the internet, in the airwaves and freedom of text/speech/thought.
d00dz w3 h4lf n0phreed0m! pl4ck the h4n3t!#@!!
by semen March 24, 2004
Sumthing you use 2 buy things with.
i got a fat wad of munny, lets go get sum weed
by Semen April 30, 2004

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