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Surgery reversing circumcision reattaching the foreskin through a delicate process involving the skillful hand of a Jewish surgeon. The process can only be completed if the foreskin has been saved since conception. No skin graphs are allowed you sick fucks. The surgery is completed with the blessing of the god parents soothingly stroking the foreskin till it regains proper circulation.
Jake was at the local barber shop when he over heard a conversation among his local dirty compadres. He was curious to as what was adrift. They responded "ese nostros cappin los dragons." Jake thought to himself the dirty Mexicans are catching dragons in glad wear? (I'd use hispanic but Im a racist.) He was quickly filled in and left with an enthusiastic smile of optimism.... Cappin the dragon!
#shy turtle #foreskin #baptism #jewish blessing #c.t.d #surgery
by semalancho June 10, 2010
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