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To shamelessly pull out of an event in which you have a vested interest and/or are expected to attend by a large number of people. This is usually done at the last minute with a lame ass excuse. Similar to bowing out but more extreme, considered extremely small time.
Dude 1: I was really looking forward to this ski trip, but where the hell is Dude 2?
Dude 3: O ye, after bigging himself up for it all this time he bower out (bowered out)
by sellotaperoll March 02, 2011
A descriptive word used to relate to someone not particuarly picky with their selection of sexual partners. They only reject partners with particuarly bad traits or blemishes, much like a vegetable picker only throws out the most disfigured potatoes.
Example 1
Dude 1: Hey, that girl is so hot
Dude 2: Man shes fairly average
Dude 1: Where's my shovel? I am going vegetable picking

Example 2
Girl 1: Girl 2 is picky about who she sleeps with but, Girl 3....COMPLETE Vegetable Picker
by sellotaperoll June 01, 2011
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