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A music magazine whose writing staff, not content that review journalism was already a stupefyingly conceited craft, decided to create the laziest, most inconsequential rag known to literature, tits and all. Each issue is compiled by randomly picking entries from an encyclopedia of popular music and choosing (usually by means of coin-flipping) which ones to piss all over and which ones to heap barely qualified praise upon in their otherwise arbitrary best/worst lists. The content is then peppered with pictures of the Pussy Cat Dolls, Tila Tequila, or similar airbrushed wank-fodder and hey presto, let's rock 'n' roll!!!
The title is derived from the magazine's layout having the appearance of the end result of throwing Rolling Stone, Playboy and Mad! Magazine into a food processor.
Band Frontman: Hey guys, we just got panned/lauded in Blender Magazine.

(Nothing happens)
by selfimportantdickwad March 13, 2009

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