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5 definitions by selfhealer

A God that cannot be destroyed, a rubber band man that just bounces back
Phillip Melling: "That guy is a cock! Snork!!"

Roddy: "Yea but I hear he's doing so much better that you, has so much more money now, his own house, car and gf whilst your just still a drug using, child touching little tramp!"

*snap!* the rubber band takes out its next victim!!
The third person is a Selfhealer"

(also the name of a song by an obscure Scottish band called "Idlewild" fronted by "Roddy Woomble".
Great name or what!
by selfhealer February 13, 2010
21 5
The lord of the gays, often used in a derogative manner
Thing 1: "Have you seen that shirt Johns wearing?"

Thing 2: "Yea mate, he looks like such a glord!"
by selfhealer February 09, 2010
18 4
The arse end of Wigan, you'll know if you've been,
It's the scummiest place, that anyone has seen,
With stinky tramps and preggo teens aplenty,
You need at least 4 kids by the time you are twenty!

blaa blaa blaa anyone can ryme!

It's a fucking shithole full of scum and lowlives, losers and drug using sweatys, nuff sed!
"You seen that smack head over there with his black nail varnish on?"

"Yea mate, he must be or have been a worsley haller, stay away you might catch somethin!"
by selfhealer February 09, 2010
22 12
Indian food and racist term for indian men.
Oi you, paki!! What khattay!!
by Selfhealer February 09, 2010
10 1
This is how we would talk when we were kids so the teachers/parents etc didn't know what the hell we were talking about.

There are quite a few variants on it but all basically follow the same rules. "something" in between the syllabols of each word. Sound confusing? It is at first but at least i'm not tryin to explain double back slang

The type we would use was much more simple than some out there and would basically involve us putting "aag" inbetween syllabols (and also wt the beginning if the word begins with a vowel)
Would you like an explaination of back-slang -

W"aag"ould y"aag"ou l"aag"ike "aag"an "aag"expl"aag"in"aag"ati"aag"on "aag"of b"aag"ack sl"aa"gang

Would drag out your sentences so not perfect but daagid thaage jaagob ;)
by selfhealer March 02, 2010
17 29