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Hobby Products International, is a company that makes Nitro and Electric RC cars and trucks. In there line up they have nitro bashers like hellfire and the most popular the savage, and they just added a gas fuel car the Baja 5b. For electric onroad they have the Pro 4, which is for intermediate to veteran hobbist, and the Sprint and Sprint 2 for the Novice. Basically a fucking badass company.
"Dude hpi's savages NEVER brake"
"I know talk about backyard bashers!"
You can launch one of a qaurter pipe, land, and take off again."

"The Sprint 2 with a little tweaking can be made into a badass drifter"
"Not as good as the Pro4 Hara edition though"
"True, true."
by self_edu101 September 02, 2006

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