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4 definitions by seklly

1. meaning a tard, idiot, dumb, stupid, or strangely freckled mammal.

2. a delicious muffin.
1. Man, he got a 1 on his test, what a Quaz Muffin.
2 i just ate a blueberry Quaz Muffin
by seklly January 25, 2011
A word used to express ones inter anger. other phrases like Toffee Stix are Holy Crap or Holy John Tavares. often used with holy as a prefix.
HOLY Toffee Stix! That stupid Quaz Muffin thinks he is abacus eating that muffin without giving me a piece. I'm going to go abo zai on his butt.
by seklly February 07, 2011
meaning a guy from the streets that you don't want to mess with. kind of a drug dealing chuck-norris type of guy.
pronounced: ab-oh-zy
A) i feel like beating the crap out of him
B) I wouldn't do that I hear he is a big abo zai
A) never mind then
by seklly January 26, 2011
a 21st centurie god who is the ruler of Muffins!! you can use as an adjective that describes somebody who likes Muffins.
1.A I hate Muffins

B don't say that or abocos will eat you!~!
A that's a lie...
abocos: roar!!! ( Abocus eats the man)

2 man i love muffins.
I know you are such an abocus.
by seklly January 26, 2011