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The most evil invention known to man, probably created by the devil himself. It flows at the rate the least convenient to you. When you're a child, it goes so slow you're dying in it. When you grow up, it goes so fast you start to fall apart. If you slip up, you can't turn it back.

Time is the only currency that spends by itself and you can't regain.
"The flow of time is always cruel... its speed seems different for each person, but no one can change it..." -Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
by sega31098 October 09, 2012
When a group of conservative religious people, usually Christians, propagate rumors that something is satanic, demonic or evil. The propagators usually attack something for children, believing that children are gullible enough to accept every single thing as gospel truth. During satanic panics, major propaganda is spread, as the believers attempt to spread the message. In the majority or all these cases, the panic is irrational, but readers frequently accept these rumors as gospel truth.

Satanic panics started around the 1970s, when there was a rise in fundamentalism. They took full effect in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. Today, few remain in the outside world, but the community is still prevalent on the internet.
Satanic panic examples:


The Illuminati conspiracy was started by some person who claimed to be a Satanist, but was later proven a faker.


Alledged backmasking in popular music, notably rock.
Some players of Dungeons & Dragons took the game too far and died, leading many to believe D&D was inherently evil, and that the game involved calling real spirits to possess people.

The Smurfs was apparently burning down villages in Puerto Rico and teaching children witchcraft.


During the Pokemon craze, several Christian groups alledged that the game was about channeling evil spirits into children and that the type system (ex. fire, water) was teaching people into becoming neopagan witches.

Tinky Winky, the purple Teletubby, was apparently gay for being purple, carrying magic bags and wearing a tutu, and therefore alleged to make kids gay.


Harry Potter was apparently telling children that witchcraft is real and encouraging children to become sorcerers.

Yu-Gi-Oh was programming children to become Satanists and Freemasons.
by sega31098 November 28, 2011
People who stalk you on sites such as Urban Dictionary and give thumbs down to every single one of your posts and definitions.
Thumbs down stalkers give you thumbs down for no reason.
by sega31098 July 15, 2011
Year 2000.
Means January 31, 2000.
by sega31098 June 01, 2011
North America's 4th largest suburb, located east of Toronto, with a population of around 738,000.

Mississauga is a large suburb that is desperately trying to act like a city.
Hey look! Mississauga has a gigantic modern skyline! Look at that! Let's go there!


Wait, they're all residential skyscrapers! And all the traffic is going to Toronto!
by sega31098 December 13, 2011
Purgatory. High school is not as bad as the hell we know as middle school, but still not as good as kindergarten.
In high school, you (usually) can escape bullies, you can leave the school during your break, you get different people with different classes, you (usually) have a choice in your subjects and you aren't forced out of the school during your break. Unfortunately, you get more work then middle school and you have strict exams.
by sega31098 December 13, 2011
1. Any non-human being or entity, and not necessairly evil (Actual definition).
2. An evil spirit or fallen angel (Religion).
3. A New Zealand police officer (NZ slang).
4. An evil person (Metaphor).
1. Inuyasha is a good demon who strives to fight for the greater good.
2. That demon is making that boy to shoot his siblings.
3. The demon is chasing after the robber in Auckland.
4. Hitler was a demon.
by sega31098 November 16, 2011

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