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When a group of conservative religious people, usually Christians, propagate rumors that something is satanic, demonic or evil. The propagators usually attack something for children, believing that children are gullible enough to accept every single thing as gospel truth. During satanic panics, major propaganda is spread, as the believers attempt to spread the message. In the majority or all these cases, the panic is irrational, but readers frequently accept these rumors as gospel truth.

Satanic panics started around the 1970s, when there was a rise in fundamentalism. They took full effect in the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. Today, few remain in the outside world, but the community is still prevalent on the internet.
Satanic panic examples:


The Illuminati conspiracy was started by some person who claimed to be a Satanist, but was later proven a faker.


Alledged backmasking in popular music, notably rock.
Some players of Dungeons & Dragons took the game too far and died, leading many to believe D&D was inherently evil, and that the game involved calling real spirits to possess people.

The Smurfs was apparently burning down villages in Puerto Rico and teaching children witchcraft.


During the Pokemon craze, several Christian groups alledged that the game was about channeling evil spirits into children and that the type system (ex. fire, water) was teaching people into becoming neopagan witches.

Tinky Winky, the purple Teletubby, was apparently gay for being purple, carrying magic bags and wearing a tutu, and therefore alleged to make kids gay.


Harry Potter was apparently telling children that witchcraft is real and encouraging children to become sorcerers.

Yu-Gi-Oh was programming children to become Satanists and Freemasons.
by sega31098 November 28, 2011
Someone who follows you on sites like Urban Dictionary and gives all your definitions thumbs up for no reason.
Having a thumbs up stalker is nice, but creepy.
by sega31098 July 19, 2011
1. Any non-human being or entity, and not necessairly evil (Actual definition).
2. An evil spirit or fallen angel (Religion).
3. A New Zealand police officer (NZ slang).
4. An evil person (Metaphor).
1. Inuyasha is a good demon who strives to fight for the greater good.
2. That demon is making that boy to shoot his siblings.
3. The demon is chasing after the robber in Auckland.
4. Hitler was a demon.
by sega31098 November 16, 2011
People who stalk you on sites such as Urban Dictionary and give thumbs down to every single one of your posts and definitions.
Thumbs down stalkers give you thumbs down for no reason.
by sega31098 July 15, 2011
Year 2000.
Means January 31, 2000.
by sega31098 June 01, 2011
Okay, in all seriousness, it's should not even be called a game.
Want to rip someone off? Send them Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing as a gift.
by sega31098 July 03, 2014
Portmanteau of animal and weaboo (or more accurately wolfaboo).

A special breed of animal lover who, unlike the standard view of animal lovers as kind and caring individuals who extend their compassion to all sentient beings, is so sentimentally obsessed with animals to the point where they become utterly illogical, insane and vicious.

Animalaboos have little to no understanding of nature, science or anything logical about animals, and instead get their impression from an anthropomorphized Bambi-esque viewpoint. To them, animals are nothing but pure, harmless angels who can do nothing but act peaceful and caring 24/7, and if they show anything that isn't they blame humans. In any conflict involving humans and animals, to the animalaboos, the animals always win.

While many animal lovers expand their compassion to include all animals as well as humans, animalaboos reserve all their compassion to animals (notably cute or beautiful ones) and show hostility to humans.

Opposing animal cruelty, being vegetarian/vegan, advocating humane treatment of animals or caring about animals and humans equally does NOT make someone an animalaboo. Even most animal lovers, vegans and animal rights activists (yes, even big PETA activists) facepalm at the behaviour of animalaboos, who are seldom vegan. While obviously there are very few people who match the behaviour of an animalaboo exactly, a significant proportion of internet community tends to exhibit high degrees of animalaboo-ism.
Comparison of standard animal lovers and animalaboos.

Example 1 - Wolves hunt deer for food.
Standard animal lover: "As cruel as it may look, it is nature."

Example 2 - Pro-animal terrorist poisons scientists at cosmetic research lab
Standard animal lover: "While I think cosmetic animal testing is cruel, what that guy did was evil. Shame on him."
Animalaboo: "What a hero! Killing evil humans to save the lives of innocent pure animals. How dare anyone bash him when he cares about animals!"

Example 3 - Aid for victims of major disaster in (foreign country).
Standard animal lover: "My heart goes out to all the people and animals affected by this disaster. I hope to lend a hand to the people affected by the disaster as well as the animals."

Example 4 - Terrorist use hungry dogs to eat a hostage alive.
Standard animal lover: "This is cruelty to the hostage and the dog, especially the hostage."
Animalaboo: "Yaay dogs finally got a meal happy ending AND I HOPE WHOEVER MADE THOSE DOGS HUNGRY DIES A SLOW PAINFUL DEATH!!!!!"

Example 5 - Dog owner using a low-budget leash
Standard animal lover: "I love your dog. I recommend (better leash) for your dog."
Animalaboo: "You dare give your dog anything but luxury? ANIMAL ABUSER BURN IN HELL!!!"
by sega31098 May 18, 2014

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