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The Happy Dragon is when a guy ejaculates into someone elses mouth, and then immediately tickles that person so that they snort the cum out their nose when they laugh.
My girlfriend complains that the Happy Dragon is starting to burn her nose.
by sefirom March 29, 2005
Something like cool in a very intense way.
i'll be goddamned if that wasn't the most motherfuckin' micious thing i've ever seen!
by sefirom May 13, 2005
Any job or task which one is bound to do repeatedly, menially, and with no regard for one's personal life or financial situation. As seen in Dead Like Me.
"You wanna come to the beach today, bro?"
"Sorry, man, I can't.....I'm stuck at der wafflehaus for the next 10 years."
#job #dead like me #boring #menial #forever
by sefirom July 22, 2006
to have a saggy scrotum even when your penis is erect. it is so named because theodore roosevelt was rumored to have this condition.
""My history textbook says that Theodore Roosevelt, who lived on Sagamore Hill, had a horrible case of sagaballs, leading to his famous quote: "Speak softly and carry a heavy sack.""
#saggy sack #droopy #the drags #old man balls #two bowling balls in a sleeping bag
by sefirom January 18, 2006
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