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6 definitions by see jay

A slang term (similar to 'beer goggles') for a phenomenon in which misleading profile pictures lower sexual inhibitions to the point that very little or no discretion is used when approaching hot chicks on Facebook. The term is often humorously applied when an individual is observed making advances towards, later regretting contact with a partner that is deemed unattractive, unacceptably scandalous, or repulsive after viewing other pictures of the Facebook user.
Dude I saw this babe on facebook and her profile picture was bangin' then I saw her beach pics and realized she was fugly, i was a victim of facebook goggles.
by see jay June 02, 2008
When someone is the first to engage in sexual activities (usually vaginal intercourse) with an innocent female leaving only the ravaged and mangled vagina for the next poor fellow. The complete antithesis of Sloppy Seconds.
CJ: Hey dude, you know he's fucking your ex right?
Thomas: Yeah, it's all good though, i got fresh firsts a while ago
*high fives*
by see jay April 26, 2009
A shit so bad that the only effective way of getting clean afterwards is to hop in the shower.
CJ: Dude, that taco bell fucked me up, i had to take a shower shit last night
Patrick: That's gross, how bad was it?
CJ: Let's just say I had to clean my shower afterwards...
by see jay October 19, 2008
Google+ or "G+" is google's social networking site launched in June of 2011.
Dude, we're such hipsters, we were on G+ before any of our friends.
by See Jay June 29, 2011
The worst kind of STD
Dude 1: Hey man I fucked my g/f and I caught a baby...
Dude 2: Is there a cure for that yet?
Dude 1: Yeah...a clothes hanger
by see jay August 10, 2008
Wiki That Shit (to used wekipedia to find useless information)
Srsly the voice actor of Ash from pokemans was a girl, WTS!
by see jay April 02, 2008