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A wanna-be country club-type, trend chasing female who thinks she's too hot for the county because of her long hair extensions and vegas vip room credentials. In short, temporarily sexy.
Kim Kardashian is a McDiva, fo shizzle.
by see you on the field November 24, 2007
a tool used by some hateful mexican americans to keep blacks and whites divided so that they can slowly creep into the american power structure and reclaim their lands. generally fluent in cockblockese.
mexican americans can be some of the biggest racist cockblockers you have ever seen if you are black. not that i have anything against them, but just look at those haters standing over your shoulder...
by See you on the field March 29, 2005
When a cute blonde starts to get wet for a popular black guy she sees out and about on her day, she gets a little "drop" in her panties. See also: getting her float on.
Abby got a Ticket Drop for Big Marcus at the mall.
by See you on the field August 19, 2005
when a white girl daydreams about black men. usually accompanied by a blank stare.
Marissa just couldn't lie to herself about getting her float on over Martin Lawrence.
by See you on the field March 29, 2005
A person or group of persons who casts "thumbs down" on an entire library of an individual Urban Dictionary author's definitions because they disagree with one of said author's definitions/opinions. Contrarians love to play red light/green light.
Sasha told all of her friends to thumbs down anything by Marcus. What a contrarian.
by see you on the field September 03, 2006
a crude term used to describe some of society's most independent thinkers.

a person who is looked upon with scorn by the mass media and the religious right.
Jessica Simpson's album was entitled "In This Skin" so that she and her female fans would not be thought of as race mixers.
by See you on the field March 29, 2005
A bump lady. Also a daytime TV personality.
Don't say bump around Kelly Ripa unless you have some. She should grease her girls' wheels and get connected with a clever black accountant, fo shizzle.
by see you on the field October 04, 2006

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