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A lovely, beautiful girl. With hair so dark it almost looks black, and mesmerizing blue eyes that hypnotize everybody who looks into their depths. Pretty pink lips that make you want to kiss them. A killer body. The voice of an angel. With extreme musical talent. She's kind, loving, and gentle. Sarcastic and witty sometimes. Also very, VERY smart. A deep thinker with intellectual thoughts. She's nice to everyone she meets and is an amazing friend. Loyal, trustworthy, and friendly. A bit of a dork, but still SO cute. No one will dare hurt her. Ever. She's amazing.
Person 1: "Look at the sky! It's so blue."

Person 2: "Like Sabrina's eyes..."
#synonyms: beautiful #intelligient #angel #musical #gorgeous
by secretlove7 June 05, 2011
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