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Exposing an individual or group to a fart in a situation from which the victim(s) cannot easily escape. The most well-know example is the classic dutch oven technique, wherein one pulls bedcovers over the intended victim. Also applies in elevators, moving vehicles, and other confined spaces.
We were riding with Howard and he unleashed an epic ass cloud in the car. I thought I was gonna die.

Didn't you roll down the window?

Nah, Howard locked the power windows.

Man, that's straight-up flatulatory rape!
by secretdonkey2 June 08, 2011
The addition of semen or or other liquid to a person's vape juice without his/her knowledge, such that he or she will unwittingly inhale the substance.
John totally vape raped Mike last night; that's a cold-ass way to make someone your bitch for life.
by secretdonkey2 October 28, 2015

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